What is Iqlime?

With the Iqlime device, you can constantly monitor the temperature and humidity of the desired space, no matter where you are. The Iqlime will notify you by call or sms when there is a change in temperature and humidity. Take full advantage of Iqlime over a mobile app or website.

Where can I use Iqlime?

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As it is known, at the right temperature and humidity, plants produce faster and more productive. If the temperature and humidity differ sharply from the norm, your plants may perish. This can easily be prevented by the Iqlime.
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You can also use the Iqlime in warehouses, pharmacies, markets, server rooms, facilities that require special temperature and humidity. Changes in temperature and humidity can damage products and items at these facilities. With the Iqlime, you will be immediately aware of the variations.
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No matter where you are, you can constantly monitor the temperature and humidity in your home. Iqlime can even be used for protection from fire. In the event of a fire, the temperature will rise sharply and the Iqlime will notify you immediately.



How can I get the Iqlime?

Contact us to get the Iqlime

Our Clients

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Sevda Guliyeva
Pharmacy owner
Of course, medicines and drugs must be stored in a special facility with low temperature and humidity. With the Iqlime, I manage to maintain that necessary condition in my pharmacy.
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Sara Mammedova
Market administrator
In our supermarket, some products need to be stored at a specific temperature and humidity. Otherwise, our products can spoil quickly, which means a financial loss for us. With the Iqlime, we can easily prevent this.
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Mahir Bayramov
Small entrepreneur
In the cold months, we used to wake up every night for each 1-2 hours to control the temperature in order to protect the plants we grew in the greenhouse from a sharp drop in temperature at night. After getting the Iqlime, we can now sleep comfortably at night.
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Kanan Aliyev
IT specialist
We decided to use the İqlime so that our company would warn about overheating of the air in the server rooms as soon as possible. The six-month period of operation proved that our decision was correct.

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